6.01 INNER BARREL / For Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS(GBB)・M4A1 MWS LONG(GBB)


■Outer Diameter:8.55mm
■Inner Diameter:6.01mm

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As shown in the image, 6.01mm makes it difficult to create a stable flight path like the 08 barrel because the air flow that overtakes the bb is little,

but because the air loss is minimal momentum from being pushed out from the rear is excellent, the specifications are optimal for short ranges such as pistols.

01 barrel has a very tight inner diameter. so please be sure to avoid using bad BB bullets.

Also, perform sufficient maintenance. There is a possibility that the barrel may be scratched or jammed due to the wax or dust from the BB bullets.

This is a high precision stainless steel barrel made by cold forging.

※The increase in FPS and range are not proportional.

※Laser marking and engraving variations depends on the production lot.

※Although a non-magnetic austenitic material is used, magnetic force might be induced during the manufacturing process.

※In some rare cases, a thin striped pattern can be seen on the inner surface, but this does not affect performance.


■Outer Diameter:8.55mm

■Inner Diameter:6.01mm



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