Light Outer Barrel Very Short / For Tokyo Marui VSR-10


■Usable gun:Tokyo marui VSR-10
■Material:Aluminum alloy
■Surface treatment:Black Alumite
■Size:length 255mm(Including threaded part)

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《product description》
Outer barrels for all versions of Tokyo Marui VSR-10.
An outer barrel made of Aluminum alloy with a wall thickness of 1.75 mm and an inner diameter of 27 mm (same diameter as G-SPEC).
※The receiver and other parts are designed according to Tokyo Marui and PDI products.

Very short outer barrel that enables easier movement.
Its length is 255mm! (Including threaded part)
It is possible to operate for close range in narrow places such as CQB.
Since it maintains the same threads as the normal light outer barrel, various attachments can still be used.
The corresponding inner barrel has a total length of 120 mm.
※When using a 01 inner barrel of 120 mm, the output is about 70 m / s when used with VC cylinder set and “variable pitch spring (13mm) 303 mm barrel only / Tokyo Marui VSR-10” are used together (the output varies depending on the setting, use as reference only)

● Difference from PDI’s bull barrel base
The bull barrel base was originally developed for precision sniping by making it modular and front heavy.
At that time, it was also possible to create a short VSR by using it with our bull barrel attachment.

This light outer barrel very short was developed on the assumption that it will be used as a standalone unit,
so the bull barrel cap (compatible with G-SPEC etc.) and various suppressor attachments can be used.

● Please use PDI’s G-SPEC barrel spacer (No.631077) to stabilize the inner barrel.
● Both genuine receivers and PDI receivers (also BORE UP) can be used.

Hole for screw in the threaded part is also replicated.
Like the original outer barrel, a screw hole is included to fix it to the receiver after mounting. This makes it possible to align and firmly fix the barrel without having to turn it all the way.

Magazine port is also carefully machined.
The chamber feed port part is fully machined by CNC where precision is required. Prevents magazine from getting caught on burrs for smooth action.
This product is straight and has no taper.

■Usable gun:Tokyo marui VSR-10
■Material:Aluminum alloy
■Surface treatment:Black Alumite
■Size:length 255mm(Including threaded part)