■Usable gun:Tokyo Marui VSR-10 STOCK

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※please note※
This product is a completed upper for Tokyo Marui VSR-10 stock.
It will be delivered with the upper part pre-assembled.
To complete it as an airsoft gun, stock, various screws, chamber block, magazine release button, magazine stopper, magazine etc. are required separately(if safety is required, please use genuine VSR-10).

《product description》
As an upper for VSR-10, a limited number of PSR series has appeared as a special variation of the PMX series, which boasts the highest perfomance in the industry, in limited numbers.

nstead of a general stainless steel pipe, a cylinder using a high-precision pipe material produced by cold forging is used. The inner diameter tolerance is as precise as ± 1/100 mm.
The piston uses a VC (vacuum) piston.
It is a system that eliminates the pullback (negative pressure) of air generated at the time of launch and allows the bb to fly farther.

The trigger system adopts “PDI New Trigger System” designed to eliminate errors, and have reliable cocking for a long period of time. The sear is made of carbon steel to withstand loads. All this to prevent troubles caused by wear.

Equipped with W hold chamber packing, including an integrated HOP chamber made of Aluminum alloy. The pressure of HOP can be set evenly, and an ideal trajectory with high straightness is realized.
With his Delrin stoppers on both sides, the BB bullet standby position can be held more in the center, and it has a mechanism to reduce unauthorized rotation.

6.05 inner barrel is selected for the inner barrel. The total length is 303 mm. SUS304 is selected as the material.
A well-balanced barrel series with excellent “grouping” and “improvement of initial velocity”.

The corresponding stock is VSR-10 genuine stock. Of course, PDI’s modular stock is also compatible, so it is possible to build a model with high rigidity.

Please note that it takes time to assemble and adjust this product after the order is received.

■Usable gun:Tokyo Marui VSR-10 STOCK