WIDE BORE 6.1+ INNER BARREL 97mm / For Carbon8 STRIKER-9



■Outer Diameter:8.55mm

■Inner Diameter:6.1mm+



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The CS barrel is a cheaper version of our high end SUS barrels.

Has the widest inner diameter for the CS inner barrel lineup. FPS is lower compared to RAVEN and DELTA, but better flight stability is achieved.

The tolerance of the inner diameter has been changed from 0.002mm to 0.007mm compared to the SUS barrel barrel, achieving a lower price.

With regards to other dimension tolerances, the CS barrel is of the same high quality as the SUS barrel.

※The increase in FPS and range are not proportional

※Markings are available in the form of laser marking or engraving depending on the lot

※Due to the material properties, there are cases which fine wrinkles appear inside, but we have performed test and confirmed that it does not affect the performance.

※In rare cases, a thin striped pattern can be seen on the inner surface, but this does not affect performance and can be washed off.

■Outer diameter: 8.55mm

■Inner diameter: 6.1mm+

■Tolerance: ±0.007mm

■Material: STKM-12C-EC