Ported Precision Cylinder For VSR / For Tokyo Marui VSR-10


■Usable gun:Tokyo Marui VSR-10

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《product description》
Introducing a new cylinder with an acceleration port compatible with short barrels. Another product that is added to the “Precision” series of ultra-precision cylinders for VSR-10 that defies conventional wisdom in the industry!

The cylinder quality is the same with the normal cylinder but with a newly added acceleration port.
● Inner diameter 22φ (same as the original diameter)
● Inner diameter tolerance ± 1/100 mm
● SUS304 (stainless steel)
● Laser welded
● Pins for extra strength

This product is only sold as a standalone.
Parts other than the cylinder body will use products made by PDI.
Please use the below
Taper Cylinder Head / For Tokyo Marui VSR-10
Hard piston / for Tokyo Marui VSR-10
Vacuum piston / for Tokyo Marui VSR-10
Spring guide for thick diameter (9mm) / for Tokyo Marui VSR-10
Please use the irregular pitch spring (thick diameter) 303mm only.
* The manufacturer has confirmed that this cylinder is a 01-120mm inner barrel with a hard piston, the dedicated spring is 303mm with a 0.2g BB bullet and an initial speed of about 79m/s.
* Please note that the initial velocity will change depending on the environment and circumstances.

※※※※Please read before using※※※※
This product is designed for short barrels. When used in combination with a conventional size barrel (430 mm, 303 mm, 554 mm, etc.), the balance may be lost, so be careful when using it.
This product is designed for advanced users who are familiar with the theory and structure of airsoft gun and VSR,
If you do not have the confidence and knowledge in assembling VSR and airsoft guns, please ask for assistance at your nearest airsoft store. We do not provide support such as assembling. In addition, we do not have it pre-built.

Below is a description of the cylinder.

The cylinder is the same size (inner diameter) as the genuine VSR cylinder that is made of stainless-steel. It is manufactured by cold forging so unlike general stainless-steel pipe but it has excellent finishing precision and achieves an inner diameter tolerance of ± 1/100 mm.
This is the same precision as a typical custom inner barrel. The ultimate cylinder series has been thoroughly polished with a focus on wear resistance in the bolt action system. This is the key to efficiently accelerate the piston and eject air.

We pay close attention to the connection with the main body of the boss, which can be said to be the neck of the custom cylinder. While many cylinders use hollow “split pins”, we figured that they would not provide high quality durability and adopted the use of “solid parallel pins”. In addition, by welding the joint part, it will become as a tough specification that can withstand the number of cocking for a long time.

※ Please use the standard cap bolts sold by PDI for the cap bolts at the end.
Since the genuine Marui bolt uses the original standard one, the diameter is smaller than the general standard one, and when used for a PDI cylinder, the screw may not fit. The cap bolt standard for VSR-10 is “M4 x 12mm”.

※ Corrections and improvements for cylinders, cylinder heads, etc. are made by batch so it may be difficult to incorporate them in the past and the latest batches. It can be solved by including it on the latest batch.
※ The original pistons, springs, spring guides, and cylinder heads are not supported.

■Usable gun:Tokyo Marui VSR-10