Real Outer Barrel SOPMOD 10.3 / For Tokyo Marui NEW GEN AEG M4 SOPMOD


■Usable gun:Tokyo Marui NEW GEN AEG M4 SOPMOD
■Material:Aluminum alloy
■surface treatment:Black Alumite

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《product description》

For Tokyo Marui AEG M4 SOPMOD.
※Be careful when this product is built in. Please peruse「ATTENTION」 prepared on this page.

10.3 inches of the CQBR(Close Quarter Battle Receiver) size are imaged !
We manufacture short size 10.3inch” barrel , because representative of SOPMOD is Mk18 MOD 0. We produce it sticking to the short from the front sight. You will feel it compacter compared with REAL OUTER BARREL LMT10.5″ M4A1 previously put on the market.

All CNC machined&Black Alumite (Honing) processed
This highly accurate barrel was produced by the lathe and the milling processing by using the multitasking machine.
It is finished up by sandblasting process & honing process.

SOPMOD has peculiar circumstances
Because unlike next generation’s AEG M4A1, recoil system is built into back stock, some notch became unnecessary in this product, and it was made to straight shape. Moreover, because the stamp is seen from the hand guard port, we don’t give it to this product though the laser stamp was given to LMT10.5″.

Highly accurate inside diameter is achieved by the cold forging
The feature of made by PDI the outer barrel appears to not only the general view but also the inside diameter accuracy.

Of course , it is 14mm CCW specification , but…
Actually, pure hider ring can not pass when the outside diameter is brought close to 14mm too much.
Screw height has been lowered a little also made by PDI.

The size of the inner barrel is P90.
In a past, short size (285mm), it sticks out from the muzzle. In G36C,P90 size (247mm), it doesn’t stick out, and the best size.

※Because this product is made only for M4 SOPMOD, it is not possible to use it for next generation’s AEG M4A1.
It becomes possible to use only when changing to an outside battery.

■Usable gun:Tokyo Marui NEW GEN AEG M4 SOPMOD
■Material:Aluminum alloy
■surface treatment:Black Alumite